Inside The Slaughterhouse

We take great pride in the quality of our products. At Narasell Pty we operate our own gutrooms inside slaughterhouses across the globe. Our gutroom management and QA teams work closely together to ensure we comply to the ever increasing demands that we lay down upon ourselves, from our customers and the authorities. Because we employ our own staff in the gutrooms, the process of saving the raw materials can be controlled and optimized. Narasell Pty’s involvement at the earliest possible stage – inside the slaughterhouse –guarantees consistently high-quality products.

Selection optimization

Thanks to our own selection plants, with our own management and employees, we can guarantee a uniform and consistent high-quality product that matches the requirements of our customers. Because we stay in close contact with both our customers and our selection plants, we are able to comply with changing customer demands.

International ‘market based’ food safety programs

In order to reflect our own demands and those of our customers and to guarantee safe products, we are always working on implementing internationally recognized standards at all of our locations. Because food safety and quality are our top priority, our facilities hold high certification levels on recognized certification programs by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), such as BRC, IFS and FSCC22000.