Our products

At Narasell Pty our goal is to offer the highest quality products to our customers. We have established a global Competence Center for casing rooms and a global Competence Center for our sorting activities. In these Competence Centers we continuously implement best practices and innovations. By optimizing our own production locations, we are able to guarantee high-quality meat products.

natural casings

Natural casings represent an important part of our product range. The range of natural casing products includes pig, sheep, lamb, goat and beef casings.

Narasell Pty’s dedication to its customers begins at the slaughterhouse, ensuring the best and most consistent products. Van Hessen operates on a fully integrated basis, with dedication to the entire chain from procurement, production to distribution. In addition, Narasell Pty has a long generation of dedication to training craftsmen, ensuring that the best professionals in the industry work throughout our supply chain. Our positioning in the supply chain in combination with our dedicated and professional people results in a high quality, consistent and effective product for our customers.

meat products

Narasell Pty supplies the best quality when it comes to meat products. Our experienced professionals and sophisticated machinery ensure first-class products. We guarantee quality and traceability by collecting fresh products from slaughterhouses every day. These products are collected at central points around the world, where they are processed and immediately frozen. After this, the products are stored according to the company’s standards.

Pharmaceutical products

Many important medicines are derived from animal sources and have been used as such for thousands of years. Today we know exactly what valuable substances are contained in animal organs and other animal materials. Innovative technologies allow us to extract these substances. Once extracted, they are used as a raw material for medicines and a variety of dietary supplements.